Crowdfunding has become an increasingly popular financing alternative among entrepreneurs. We tell you what Crowdfunding models are available and how do these models help you in your campaign:

“All or Nothing” or “whatever you get”

The most common among Crowdfunding models is “All or Nothing”. It is that you stay with the funds only if you have managed to collect the minimum amount requested for the given date. It is quite common for projects to raise above this minimum and to add more ambitious targets staggered during the campaign. But if you do not get to the minimum there is nothing.

In the other case, you stay with whatever you have achieved, regardless of whether or not you reach that minimum.

The first model gives more confidence to potential contributors as in this you give the feeling of greater commitment on your part. In addition, commissions of the Crowdfunding platform on “All or nothing” model tend to be lower for. Not to mention that many projects really cannot get anywhere without this minimum. Perhaps this is why the “All or Nothing” system is the most popularized.

Donation Based Crowdfunding:

It corresponds mainly with initiatives of solidarity or humanitarian style to raise funds. You give nothing in exchange for what you receive. It is the gift of a lifetime. This model is often combined with “you get what you get” from the previous option.

The main characteristic of this type of platforms is that the economic contributions do not carry a consideration or reward, but the donors do it because it is a beneficial cause.

Investment or Equity:

It is not the widely used option (and even less in the cultural field) but deserves a mention. Participation is when the contribution works as an investment i.e. in exchange for their money, the patrons receive a percentage of the company shares in which they invest, depending on the amount contributed.

In practice, this model requires a lot of regulation because the investors become partners that will be able to give an opinion on the future of the company.

Loan or Lending:

In this model, the support is received in the form of a p2p loan (between pairs) that you commit to repay with interest. Those who opt for this form of financing offer an interest rate on the money they receive for their project.

Therefore, each investor receives the amount he contributed as consideration plus a certain interest rate that at times can even be fixed by himself.


crowdfunding rewards

As its name implies, those who finance projects through this model receive a consideration. The rewards are defined by the entrepreneur who needs the money and are of the most varied types. The rewards presented in the Crowdfunding campaign can be one of the two types:

  1. Symbolic: In exchange for the contribution you give your supporter a symbolic sample of your appreciation. For example, an autographed photo or prominence in the credits of the movie. In this case, the contributors motivate them to see a certain project come true, be it a restored work of art, an equipped square, a modernized museum.
  2. Actual: here, in this case, you give your contributor a copy of your final product/ project you are raising funds for i.e. a copy of the book or disk etc.

Classification of Rewards:

  • Digital: usually the download of some type of file, be it the book, disk, etc.
  • Experiences: like a Skype conversation, a special thanks, tickets to an event, participation in the movie, etc.
  • Services: You can give them a painting class, an excursion, etc.
  • Product: it can be the product you are asking funds for or any other symbolic product

To attract more investors, in recent years, it is usual to offer a percentage of the estimated benefits of the project, but not a stake in the company. This, in addition to being more attractive to patrons, also helps validate the business because the entrepreneur gets an idea of how many people are convinced that their idea can succeed in the market.


Creativity and entrepreneurship are terms that go hand in hand. When we think of creativity, we automatically think of the visual arts, music, advertising, etc., but creativity is something inherent to the human being that is linked to the development of ideas in any field or discipline. It is the human capacity to produce things or conceive something and create ideas to solve problems or concerns, and therefore is the origin of any entrepreneur.

Although the creative process is very subjective and each person has a very personal way of working, some theorists have dared to define it by dividing it into several phases.

Graham Wallas was one of the first to create a model of the creative process in 1926, an example that has served as an influence on later models.

Phases of the creative process according to Graham Wallas are:

1.      Preparation Phase

At this stage, the first question to be pondered and asked about the idea is raised. Here, the idea master begins to collect information that may be useful for the rest of the process.

2.      Incubation Phase

It is the most unconscious phase of the cycle as here, the person internalizes the problem and generates a possible solution in a reflex and instinctive way.

3.      Lighting Phase

In this phase, ideas begin to emerge in a conscious way and come to the light.

4.      Verification Phase

In this last stage, the idea is already tangible and the processes of verification and elaboration to apply it to the problem begins.

Other later theorists have also provided their hypotheses and, although they encompass or separate the stages in different ways, the basis is the same as that proposed by Wallas in 1926.

Arthur Koestler reduces the four phases of Graham Wallas to only three, the Logical Phase, the Intuitive Phase and the Critical Phase.

Alex Osborno divides the creative process into six phases: Orientation Phase, Preparation Phase, Analysis, Incubation, Synthesis, and Evaluation.

And although the theory of these experts indicates that the creative process is something linear that begins and ends, we have all lived creative moments in which that cycle has become somewhat more chaotic and where we have had to go back, start over Or change the questions we were asking ourselves to come up with the best solution.


Are you an entrepreneur and have a project for which you are looking for funds? Have you heard about crowdfunding and are you interested in this system of collective funding but do not know how to make a successful crowdfunding campaign?

This is the current situation of lots of entrepreneurs. Yes, crowdfunding is a viable and interesting solution for financing projects of all kinds, but for a Crowdfunding campaign to work well, several factors have to be taken into account, it must be efficient, clear, reach the widest possible audience etc. Here, we give you the main keys to make your crowdfunding campaign a success:

  1. Present a serious project, well structured and researched: It is not enough to have a vague idea explained in two sentences. If you want to attract investors you have to have studied it well and know the details. Only a well-defined project can be attractive to invest money in it.
  2. Choose the most appropriate Internet platform to publish your idea: Projects funded through crowdfunding can be of various types and the type of funding of these too. It is imperative to find the website that best fits your project; Keep in mind who the users of that site are; what kind of crowdfunding it offers; if the team is serious if it offers advice, etc. There are crowdfunding platforms adapted to all needs.
  3. Customize your campaign as much as possible: You try to attract the attention of investors, so you must introduce images and phrases that identify you, characterize your project and do not look indifferent to potential investors.
  4. Provide fair and proportionate rewards to investors: – except in cases of donation. It is essential that potential investors feel that it is worth their investment. Try that what they receive in return, whether an economic benefit, an object, an artistic profit, etc., is adequate and motivating.
  5. Use all possible resources to make yourself known: People cannot invest in a project they do not know. Do not be a passive spectator and try to promote your project and make it reach as many people as possible. Use social networks, try to appear in the local press, make a blog or website to explain your ideas, relate to other workers in the sector, etc.

With these ideas and a lot of effort, you can make your crowdfunding campaign, whatever the type, be a success. You can also finance your project through crowdfunding.

Dare to start now!


When we start promoting our project and start a campaign on a Crowdfunding platform, one of the points to keep in mind is to create a pleasant and attractive video that defines and highlights the potential of your initiative. And not only that, also explain the main reasons why your partners or investors should support your proposal.

Why this Importance of Video?

Because with a well edited, fun and straight to the point video, we manifold our chances of success and get funding for our project. On the other hand, today, more and more mobile devices (tablets, smartphones…), and social networks are being used heavily among masses, hence, well-done multimedia content can become a rough diamond. Keep in mind that the video will be the letter of presentation of your project; it will be your first good or bad impression, that is why it is fundamental to exploit it.

How to Create an Eye-Catching Video?

Creating an eye catching and attention holding video is not that simple if you are not familiar with the basic principles of video creation. To help you get acquainted with these minor concepts, here we have penned down three essentials. Have a look!

1.     Use the KISS Formula:

I am sure you are aware of the KISS formula. If not, let me tell you. KISS stands for “Keep It Simple and Short” so this means neither drag your video nor make it complex. Rather make your point clear in minimum possible time. It is said that the ideal duration of a fundraising campaign video is between 1 and 3 minutes. The specified time is more than enough to catch the attention of potential investors and get your message across.

2.     Customize the Video

This means humanizing it with the presence of the idea developers in the video. It can be in the form of a narrator. The public wants to see the face of the people who have created the initiative.

3.     Give Confidence to your Potential Investors:

Let there be no doubt about what you offer and what do you want to achieve. Make it as clear as you can as this will develop a strong confidence in your potential investors. Using the video script and the visuals, convey confidence to your potential investors. Mind that above all of the people, public trusts more of the images. So utilize it well!

Now that you know the basics of creating a video for your projects’ crowdfunding campaign, pick the notepad and list down all the details you want to capture. Once you are done, the camera is your weapon! Good Luck!

How crowd funding platforms like Zingohub allowed Bull Funk Zoo to cash in on the reward system created for backers. –

What is it about particular campaigns that makes people want to fund them? Why is it that people would be likely to invest their money on specific campaigns over others? Well this article will delve into exactly this aspect of a relationship between funders and campaigners. Since Zingohub is a reward based crowdfunding platform, let us explore what is it about Zingohub and its campaigns that make it so attractive for people to go out of their way with splashing their cash. Let’s take a look at one of the most recently highly funded campaigns on Zingohub and why it ended up attracting so much crowdfunding attention.

Dangerous Radio by Bull Funk Zoo

Another story of an artist who moved to Dubai in search of a lifestyle that would cater to his musical career. Assad Lakkis an established artist looking to promote his new musical album “Dangerous Radio” took to Zingohub- a crowdfunding platform like Milaap, to build up some funds for purposes of marketing, promotions and the physical printing of his album. In the introduction to his campaign he mentions how he has been associated as an opening act to one of the world’s most famous artists “Sting” with over 10000 people present as the response was incredible. Did that fail to capture anyone’s attention? I doubt it. I’m sure some of those 10,000 people found him to be a brilliant enough of an artist to fund his campaign. He’s been building up a reputation around the Middle East for a while now with a diversity in his element of music. Initially starting out as a rock artist, Assaad moved up his musical repertoire range and is now associated with having experimented “with different genres including jazz, rock, funk, hip-hop, soul, electronic etc.”


A guy who is relatively well known because of the opportunities he didn’t think to miss out on. A musician who has diversity in his nature. A musician who has previously held a fair amount of success in his endeavors. Who wouldn’t fund for this guy? I certainly would. He offered a professional outlook to his campaign by association to big names, by proving he has been successful and by showing that the efforts of funders will not go to waste. What was the outcome you ask? His campaign strived to achieve a target fund raise of $2000. He received about $2100.

Rewards by Bull Funk Zoo

Since Zingohub is not an equity based crowdfunding platform, people looking to start campaigns need to understand that a perfectly workable model of reward system should be one of the primary selling points of that particular campaign. Let’s look at how Bull Funk Zoo created a reward system that had a major impact on getting backers to fund his music scene.

While most campaigns have about 2-3 rewards attached to different levels of funding, Assaad didn’t choose to limit the level of rewards he was offering. The way he came up with his reward system was pretty effective and to a great extent, very tangible.

He included 11 different categories of rewards offered to potential backers. The first of which started at $10 for a Facebook shout out inclusive of a free digital download of his album. As the amount of funding increases, he offered more tangible rewards on top of the free digital download. On a $100 he had been willing to offer a free Skype lesson with a chat over coffee, a signed copy of an album, a t-shirt along with the digital download. Anyone who has been looking to establish themselves as artists and musicians in the future through Assaads rewards system could learn much about his struggle and his rise to success along with tips and tricks of the trade on how to survive in this industry over a nice cup of coffee. Now that is a tangible reward.


His last reward package upon a funding of $500 offered all of the above on top of 2 back stage passes to his concert. Guess what? He ended up with 14 backers very diversely split among the different reward packages offered by him. There were even certain packages upon which he got 0 backers. But that the tip! Have a diverse range of reward packages attached to your campaign because the more you limit your options the more constrained a potential backer will feel.

The lesson we learn from Bull Funk Zoo’s successful crowdfunding campaign/ startups, is that, upcoming creative talents who are looking to raise funds through Zingohub need to establish a diverse range of reward packages and systems upon which certain individual backers may feel that they are getting their money’s worth out of. We hope to see Assaad pursue his musical talent successfully, we wish him the best and hope that for his future work he turns back to Zingohub.

Art Fusion Night- A Night Dedicated To Arts –

Merriam Webster defines art as “something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings”. Based on this definition art can be thought of as vague but not vague in a negative sense. Vague to a point of beauty. Abstract to a point of shared connection. All of us at some point or the other share connections through art and its related sub fields. There is a beauty in art and none of us can deny that.

Art Fusion Night (AFN) is an event platform based in Dubai which means to showcase undiscovered and unknown works of brilliance. Its a simple yet elegant idea. We tend to associate art with the big names: Da Vince, Gogh, Picasso and the likes and obviously the more contemporary ones as well. But without the bias of popularity, fame and social pressure into liking accepted forms of art, AFN is trying to build a reputation of elevating talents of unknown backgrounds. That’s what gives it an alluring appeal as an event platform. As by definition, art is something not to be associated with something concrete and definite so why do we choose to associate ourselves with certain names of creativity, certain paintings, certain styles? AFN lets you see the other side to creativity. Yes, AFN is not the only platform in the world to give a diverse nature to art but in Dubai it is an up and coming name with promotes a diverse nature look to art.

They have an alluring look to their campaign and their platform. Don’t believe me? Just go ahead and search for AFN on Zingohub. They have a professional team of people working on their campaigns to attract people to their cause. AFN serves to create the necessary funds for an idea that serves the purposes of ordinary people who haven’t been able to share their passion with the world. One of their last campaigns was funded up to 101%. They have a creative outlook on their campaign and their promotional videos capture that essence perfectly.

Quick Hint: If you are focusing on creativity in your campaign, look their page up on Zingohub, you’ll get loads of ideas on how to go about your tracks.

MKO is AFN’s founder, artist and host.

Their latest campaign is called Art/Fashion Fever. It is defined to be a night where the community of people who appreciate art can meet the people behind the showcased works. It is an event where according to AFN “ lifestyle and networking meet in perfect harmony”.

The great thing about AFN is that firstly it serves the needs of the people looking to be discovered and secondly it does not limit its definition of art to specific categories. Just look at what they are offering for their Art/Fashion Fever event:

–          Fine Art exhibitions
–          Live painting during the event
–          Performance Art in form of Music performances and dancing
–          Standup comedy
–          Fashion exhibitions & pop-ups
–          Auctioning of participating talents work


For more great ideas and to learn more about their work, go give them a look or better yet help them with this lovely cause. Promote arts, promote AFN.

2 easy ways to improve funding for a campaign –

Crowdfunding doesn’t have to be all professional and work oriented. You don’t always have to go to your marketing books and research in depth on how to end up getting funds for your idea. The fun thing about marketing is that there aren’t really hard and fast rules on how to get people to find your idea interesting. Yes, there are tried and tested ways that are helpful in conforming to but some aspects of your campaign can sort of be manipulated in individualistic ways that help in attracting attention. Deviate from the norms from time to time, try to be creative, experiment a little bit. Sounds a little vague and frightening doesn’t it? But there is a little secret to it upon which you can get potential funders and backers to support your campaign.

Well then, how about it, shall we delve into it, shall we make it less vague and more clear.

For all intensive purposes this idea serves as an example and according to your campaign you should choose to adhere to it or not. Consider a campaign that aims to gather funds for a music video

Offer Tangible Rewards

What you can choose to do is to create an opportunity for your highest potential funding backers to have certain rights over your campaigns final aims. So for example if you are involved in creating a music video, you can offer your backers a first look privilege. Secondly you can offer to add their names to the credits of the video. Thirdly you can advertise/promote, if applicable, a product they are working on, their business, their idea through successful integration into your video. Give them a tangible benefit in order for them to feel like they truly get some benefit out of backing your idea.

Special Privileges

Let your backers have special privileges to your music video so that there is an element of specialness associated for them. For example you can choose to give them direct/indirect privilege over deciding certain aspects of your music video. In such a case you can offer them specially created polls. In this poll you can create a multitude of choices in a certain aspect with regards to your video to which they finalize or have certain rights of input into the video making process. As an example you may be confused about what sort color to use for a particular actor/character’s outfit. You can create a poll, give a choice among the colors you have narrowed down and offer them an active role in the process so that they can showcase their funds in a more realistic manner. This will give them a sense of having been a part of it. Upon this involvement they will have the inclination to promote it to certain lengths because to an extent, upon your choosing, they had a role to play in it and that role will want to be showcased. Money cannot be showcased but visual representation can be. Play that to your advantage.

These are just two of some creative ways to go about your campaign. Use them as guidelines to come up with elements that suit your particular campaign. Rewards and privileges offer your funders direct access to your aims and they will have a greater incentive to invest into your idea. So there you go folks, a little creative secret from ZingoHub crowdfunding you may just have glanced over.


EMIRATI FRESH- A campaign by Simone Goodson –

Stand up comedy has prominently been a part of the entertainment world since the 18th century onwards but has radically taken off as a source of recreation around the world in the early 20th century signaled by the rise of technological advances in the entertainment industry. We have witnessed great comedians take center stage in the past couple of decades with the likes of Dave Chapelle, Robin Williams, Chris Rock, Russell Peters to name a few among the rising number of people taking interest in this part of the entertainment industry.

Stand up comedy started with a bang in the U.S in the past decades but now we are witnessing this trend and form of recreation and entertainment traveling to different parts of the world. More specifically, the UAE and its comedy scene will be explored and one of its rising members “Simone Goodson” who is looking to fund his comedy campaign, Emirati Fresh, through the crowdfunding efforts of ZingoHub will be the highlight of this article.As according to Simeone:

 Emirati Fresh is my perspective. As a native New Yorker, I found moving to the UAE simultaneously refreshing and overwhelming. As a comedian, I choose to tell my story through my favorite medium: humor.

The most significant comedy clubs in the UAE come in the form of names such as “The Laughter Factory”, “Dubomedy” and “Yalla Laughs”. Although prominent comedians around the world come and perform in UAE, the local comedy scene is still underdeveloped to a point where there is a lot of opportunity. Through the likes of “Yalla Laughs”, Simeon Goodson a native of the US has decided to pursue a part of his comedy career in the UAE. He is a talented professional in his area of expertise and has performed not only in the US as part of “Comedy’s best kept secret tour” but has also gone on to win awards in his performances in Dubai one of which was the “Dubai comedy festival’s: Beat the Gong”.

Currently Goodson is looking to crowd fund a campaign on a comedy film he is working to produce which aims to explore his story upon moving to the UAE. Sounds like a serious movie? Well, not quite. A comedian is best known for telling even the most challenging life decisions of your life in way which almost everyone can relate to and have a good little laugh over. Goodson wants to share his perspective on one of the bigger decisions he has made in his life with a humorous take on it. Why should you fund his campaign? Well its simple. He is an established comedian, surely talented and has a repertoire around the comedy industry. He is looking to build an image in the UAE and to an extent has already done so as he is signed with “Yalla Laughs”. But for every talented individual one step towards achieving your goal doesn’t stop you from pursuing the next one. This is why Goodson is looking to produce a film which explores a different take of life from the perspective of the thing he knows how best to do: Comedy.

ZingoHub is proud to be the platform Goodson has chosen to fund his campaign through. We are always looking to be the foundation upon which talented individuals such as Goodson and the likes of can pursue their future aims and goals. Be a part of his campaign because we surely believe in him. His campaign in ongoing and goes with the name of “Emirati Fresh”. Be sure to check him out.

Why team work is better than one man army? –

You’ve probably heard the word teamwork a lot in your life. Well it could not be more over emphasized in relation to crowdfunding. It might probably be your idea and your idea alone but it is always better to have help. A task that you feel like you might do better alone would and can end up being much more efficient and productive in terms of output if you have a team of highly motivated individuals.

The problem is that individuals are highly skilled but might not be necessarily skilled in a diverse range of activities. Ask yourself this and be confident in knowing the answer. Are you or are you not trained in areas of multitude. If yes then you might end up pursuing your crowd funding campaign on your own. But if not you might require the help of others in order to push your campaign towards a successful start. Though it is the experience of many that teamwork brings a lot of new ideas to the foreground which you may not consider yourself.


1.            You cannot be the best critic of yourself. If you have a certain idea you will entertain it to a point where you might not realize the drawbacks to it. Having people around you perform in your team, giving you feedback allows you to second-guess your thoughts to a point where you can adjust your ideas in accordance with desirability

2.            A diverse range of individuals will always provide input based on their experiences and since your target audience is not an individual who thinks along your lines of thought, it may be useful and highly significant that you consider the inputs of your team in order to capture the market

3.            The market and consumers are diverse and are not homogenous.  A single individual such as yourself may not be able to completely enter the mind of the consumer and come up with a product or an idea that caters to the needs of the many. It may end up catering to the few but that is not your target. Having a team of individuals who have had different experiences on a professional and a personal level will help you come up with an idea that will cater to the needs of the many

4.            The one drawback to having a team of individuals might be a conflict in resolving issues that are disputed among your ideas. Although this may be considered a drawback, it should not be because the more criticism one idea gets, the more it adjusts itself according to the needs of the market. If you have a monopoly over your idea and your campaign who is to say that it might end up being successful? Criticism is always important.

5.            Your friends and family might not be the best judge of your idea based on their personal bias towards you. They will support you through lens which might not be the most objective ones. Their criticism if at all will be highly subjective since their affiliation with you transcends objective criticism. They would not want for you to fail and because of that they might end up supporting your idea even though they might not consider it to be a market success.

6.            This is why you require a group of individuals who can criticize your work, hone it and make it better by constantly providing a diverse range of opinions. Which is why it is also important to note that your team should most likely be of people who are not known to you. The more you are personally close to those individuals the more biased criticism you will receive. The market is a highly competitive arena of which you should already be aware of.

The Seven P’s for Crowd funding Success by Zach Smith –

Social entrepreneur Zach Smith is one of the leading success stories of the crowdfunding concept. Over the successful launch of more than 100s of campaigns, Smith has raised an estimated $110 million in revenue.


He is one among many who have enjoyed tremendous success through crowdfunding campaigns. What better way to kick start your campaign than by learning from those people who have already made it through? It is a common saying among some parts of the world “why learn from the mistakes you make yourself when you can learn from the mistakes of others”. This is a very relevant saying when it comes to understanding and starting your crowdfunding campaign. You don’t start something unless you put in the effort to learn all of its ins and outs from all sides and all angles.

So in order to do that let’s start with Zach Smiths seven Ps for crowdfunding success:

1.            Product: The product needs to be appealing to donors. Why should they invest their money into your product? Ask yourself this question repeatedly when coming up with ideas to start a campaign

2.            Platform: Consider whether the business idea or the campaign is a good fit for crowdfunding. Some ideas just don’t entail the crowdfunding style and rather require traditional means of going about it.

3.            Pitch: One of the most important aspects of crowdfunding is your idea presented. Your idea might even be a world changing phenomenon but unless you can pitch it correctly nobody else will think so. Include videos, animations, creative designs but keep it brief because the shortest of details captures the attention of the donor.

4.            Promotion: According to Smith there are three components to promotion. The first is paid media which includes social media advertisements. The second is press which would entail newspaper and magazine promotions among others. The last would would be partnerships.

5.            Price: Lowering the price is an action which is ill-advised since later on in the campaign it much more difficult to raise. Be very careful about the price you set out for your product because going up and down later on becomes a problem.

6.            Probability: Keep numbers, statistics and facts in handy and be ready to convince your backers on how this campaign will turn out to be a success story. People love ideas but even more so with reliable numbers.

7.            People: You and your team need to be the right mix of people who can work out all of these aspects to crowdfunding efficiently, productively and with an innovative touch. Be mindful of who you put on board and whether or not they are suited to your idea.

Put all these seven P’s to success into effect and see enjoy the results for yourself. Although this guideline provides a generic approach to crowdfunding it isn’t worth a lot if you don’t bring add your own figurative P to it. Give it your touch, make it yours and reap the benefits.