When we start promoting our project and start a campaign on a Crowdfunding platform, one of the points to keep in mind is to create a pleasant and attractive video that defines and highlights the potential of your initiative. And not only that, also explain the main reasons why your partners or investors should support your proposal.

Why this Importance of Video?

Because with a well edited, fun and straight to the point video, we manifold our chances of success and get funding for our project. On the other hand, today, more and more mobile devices (tablets, smartphones…), and social networks are being used heavily among masses, hence, well-done multimedia content can become a rough diamond. Keep in mind that the video will be the letter of presentation of your project; it will be your first good or bad impression, that is why it is fundamental to exploit it.

How to Create an Eye-Catching Video?

Creating an eye catching and attention holding video is not that simple if you are not familiar with the basic principles of video creation. To help you get acquainted with these minor concepts, here we have penned down three essentials. Have a look!

1.     Use the KISS Formula:

I am sure you are aware of the KISS formula. If not, let me tell you. KISS stands for “Keep It Simple and Short” so this means neither drag your video nor make it complex. Rather make your point clear in minimum possible time. It is said that the ideal duration of a fundraising campaign video is between 1 and 3 minutes. The specified time is more than enough to catch the attention of potential investors and get your message across.

2.     Customize the Video

This means humanizing it with the presence of the idea developers in the video. It can be in the form of a narrator. The public wants to see the face of the people who have created the initiative.

3.     Give Confidence to your Potential Investors:

Let there be no doubt about what you offer and what do you want to achieve. Make it as clear as you can as this will develop a strong confidence in your potential investors. Using the video script and the visuals, convey confidence to your potential investors. Mind that above all of the people, public trusts more of the images. So utilize it well!

Now that you know the basics of creating a video for your projects’ crowdfunding campaign, pick the notepad and list down all the details you want to capture. Once you are done, the camera is your weapon! Good Luck!