Why team work is better than one man army? –

You’ve probably heard the word teamwork a lot in your life. Well it could not be more over emphasized in relation to crowdfunding. It might probably be your idea and your idea alone but it is always better to have help. A task that you feel like you might do better alone would and can end up being much more efficient and productive in terms of output if you have a team of highly motivated individuals.

The problem is that individuals are highly skilled but might not be necessarily skilled in a diverse range of activities. Ask yourself this and be confident in knowing the answer. Are you or are you not trained in areas of multitude. If yes then you might end up pursuing your crowd funding campaign on your own. But if not you might require the help of others in order to push your campaign towards a successful start. Though it is the experience of many that teamwork brings a lot of new ideas to the foreground which you may not consider yourself.


1.            You cannot be the best critic of yourself. If you have a certain idea you will entertain it to a point where you might not realize the drawbacks to it. Having people around you perform in your team, giving you feedback allows you to second-guess your thoughts to a point where you can adjust your ideas in accordance with desirability

2.            A diverse range of individuals will always provide input based on their experiences and since your target audience is not an individual who thinks along your lines of thought, it may be useful and highly significant that you consider the inputs of your team in order to capture the market

3.            The market and consumers are diverse and are not homogenous.  A single individual such as yourself may not be able to completely enter the mind of the consumer and come up with a product or an idea that caters to the needs of the many. It may end up catering to the few but that is not your target. Having a team of individuals who have had different experiences on a professional and a personal level will help you come up with an idea that will cater to the needs of the many

4.            The one drawback to having a team of individuals might be a conflict in resolving issues that are disputed among your ideas. Although this may be considered a drawback, it should not be because the more criticism one idea gets, the more it adjusts itself according to the needs of the market. If you have a monopoly over your idea and your campaign who is to say that it might end up being successful? Criticism is always important.

5.            Your friends and family might not be the best judge of your idea based on their personal bias towards you. They will support you through lens which might not be the most objective ones. Their criticism if at all will be highly subjective since their affiliation with you transcends objective criticism. They would not want for you to fail and because of that they might end up supporting your idea even though they might not consider it to be a market success.

6.            This is why you require a group of individuals who can criticize your work, hone it and make it better by constantly providing a diverse range of opinions. Which is why it is also important to note that your team should most likely be of people who are not known to you. The more you are personally close to those individuals the more biased criticism you will receive. The market is a highly competitive arena of which you should already be aware of.