Crowdfunding has become an increasingly popular financing alternative among entrepreneurs. We tell you what Crowdfunding models are available and how do these models help you in your campaign:

“All or Nothing” or “whatever you get”

The most common among Crowdfunding models is “All or Nothing”. It is that you stay with the funds only if you have managed to collect the minimum amount requested for the given date. It is quite common for projects to raise above this minimum and to add more ambitious targets staggered during the campaign. But if you do not get to the minimum there is nothing.

In the other case, you stay with whatever you have achieved, regardless of whether or not you reach that minimum.

The first model gives more confidence to potential contributors as in this you give the feeling of greater commitment on your part. In addition, commissions of the Crowdfunding platform on “All or nothing” model tend to be lower for. Not to mention that many projects really cannot get anywhere without this minimum. Perhaps this is why the “All or Nothing” system is the most popularized.

Donation Based Crowdfunding:

It corresponds mainly with initiatives of solidarity or humanitarian style to raise funds. You give nothing in exchange for what you receive. It is the gift of a lifetime. This model is often combined with “you get what you get” from the previous option.

The main characteristic of this type of platforms is that the economic contributions do not carry a consideration or reward, but the donors do it because it is a beneficial cause.

Investment or Equity:

It is not the widely used option (and even less in the cultural field) but deserves a mention. Participation is when the contribution works as an investment i.e. in exchange for their money, the patrons receive a percentage of the company shares in which they invest, depending on the amount contributed.

In practice, this model requires a lot of regulation because the investors become partners that will be able to give an opinion on the future of the company.

Loan or Lending:

In this model, the support is received in the form of a p2p loan (between pairs) that you commit to repay with interest. Those who opt for this form of financing offer an interest rate on the money they receive for their project.

Therefore, each investor receives the amount he contributed as consideration plus a certain interest rate that at times can even be fixed by himself.


crowdfunding rewards

As its name implies, those who finance projects through this model receive a consideration. The rewards are defined by the entrepreneur who needs the money and are of the most varied types. The rewards presented in the Crowdfunding campaign can be one of the two types:

  1. Symbolic: In exchange for the contribution you give your supporter a symbolic sample of your appreciation. For example, an autographed photo or prominence in the credits of the movie. In this case, the contributors motivate them to see a certain project come true, be it a restored work of art, an equipped square, a modernized museum.
  2. Actual: here, in this case, you give your contributor a copy of your final product/ project you are raising funds for i.e. a copy of the book or disk etc.

Classification of Rewards:

  • Digital: usually the download of some type of file, be it the book, disk, etc.
  • Experiences: like a Skype conversation, a special thanks, tickets to an event, participation in the movie, etc.
  • Services: You can give them a painting class, an excursion, etc.
  • Product: it can be the product you are asking funds for or any other symbolic product

To attract more investors, in recent years, it is usual to offer a percentage of the estimated benefits of the project, but not a stake in the company. This, in addition to being more attractive to patrons, also helps validate the business because the entrepreneur gets an idea of how many people are convinced that their idea can succeed in the market.


Are you an entrepreneur and have a project for which you are looking for funds? Have you heard about crowdfunding and are you interested in this system of collective funding but do not know how to make a successful crowdfunding campaign?

This is the current situation of lots of entrepreneurs. Yes, crowdfunding is a viable and interesting solution for financing projects of all kinds, but for a Crowdfunding campaign to work well, several factors have to be taken into account, it must be efficient, clear, reach the widest possible audience etc. Here, we give you the main keys to make your crowdfunding campaign a success:

  1. Present a serious project, well structured and researched: It is not enough to have a vague idea explained in two sentences. If you want to attract investors you have to have studied it well and know the details. Only a well-defined project can be attractive to invest money in it.
  2. Choose the most appropriate Internet platform to publish your idea: Projects funded through crowdfunding can be of various types and the type of funding of these too. It is imperative to find the website that best fits your project; Keep in mind who the users of that site are; what kind of crowdfunding it offers; if the team is serious if it offers advice, etc. There are crowdfunding platforms adapted to all needs.
  3. Customize your campaign as much as possible: You try to attract the attention of investors, so you must introduce images and phrases that identify you, characterize your project and do not look indifferent to potential investors.
  4. Provide fair and proportionate rewards to investors: – except in cases of donation. It is essential that potential investors feel that it is worth their investment. Try that what they receive in return, whether an economic benefit, an object, an artistic profit, etc., is adequate and motivating.
  5. Use all possible resources to make yourself known: People cannot invest in a project they do not know. Do not be a passive spectator and try to promote your project and make it reach as many people as possible. Use social networks, try to appear in the local press, make a blog or website to explain your ideas, relate to other workers in the sector, etc.

With these ideas and a lot of effort, you can make your crowdfunding campaign, whatever the type, be a success. You can also finance your project through crowdfunding.

Dare to start now!


When we start promoting our project and start a campaign on a Crowdfunding platform, one of the points to keep in mind is to create a pleasant and attractive video that defines and highlights the potential of your initiative. And not only that, also explain the main reasons why your partners or investors should support your proposal.

Why this Importance of Video?

Because with a well edited, fun and straight to the point video, we manifold our chances of success and get funding for our project. On the other hand, today, more and more mobile devices (tablets, smartphones…), and social networks are being used heavily among masses, hence, well-done multimedia content can become a rough diamond. Keep in mind that the video will be the letter of presentation of your project; it will be your first good or bad impression, that is why it is fundamental to exploit it.

How to Create an Eye-Catching Video?

Creating an eye catching and attention holding video is not that simple if you are not familiar with the basic principles of video creation. To help you get acquainted with these minor concepts, here we have penned down three essentials. Have a look!

1.     Use the KISS Formula:

I am sure you are aware of the KISS formula. If not, let me tell you. KISS stands for “Keep It Simple and Short” so this means neither drag your video nor make it complex. Rather make your point clear in minimum possible time. It is said that the ideal duration of a fundraising campaign video is between 1 and 3 minutes. The specified time is more than enough to catch the attention of potential investors and get your message across.

2.     Customize the Video

This means humanizing it with the presence of the idea developers in the video. It can be in the form of a narrator. The public wants to see the face of the people who have created the initiative.

3.     Give Confidence to your Potential Investors:

Let there be no doubt about what you offer and what do you want to achieve. Make it as clear as you can as this will develop a strong confidence in your potential investors. Using the video script and the visuals, convey confidence to your potential investors. Mind that above all of the people, public trusts more of the images. So utilize it well!

Now that you know the basics of creating a video for your projects’ crowdfunding campaign, pick the notepad and list down all the details you want to capture. Once you are done, the camera is your weapon! Good Luck!