EMIRATI FRESH- A campaign by Simone Goodson –

Stand up comedy has prominently been a part of the entertainment world since the 18th century onwards but has radically taken off as a source of recreation around the world in the early 20th century signaled by the rise of technological advances in the entertainment industry. We have witnessed great comedians take center stage in the past couple of decades with the likes of Dave Chapelle, Robin Williams, Chris Rock, Russell Peters to name a few among the rising number of people taking interest in this part of the entertainment industry.

Stand up comedy started with a bang in the U.S in the past decades but now we are witnessing this trend and form of recreation and entertainment traveling to different parts of the world. More specifically, the UAE and its comedy scene will be explored and one of its rising members “Simone Goodson” who is looking to fund his comedy campaign, Emirati Fresh, through the crowdfunding efforts of ZingoHub will be the highlight of this article.As according to Simeone:

 Emirati Fresh is my perspective. As a native New Yorker, I found moving to the UAE simultaneously refreshing and overwhelming. As a comedian, I choose to tell my story through my favorite medium: humor.

The most significant comedy clubs in the UAE come in the form of names such as “The Laughter Factory”, “Dubomedy” and “Yalla Laughs”. Although prominent comedians around the world come and perform in UAE, the local comedy scene is still underdeveloped to a point where there is a lot of opportunity. Through the likes of “Yalla Laughs”, Simeon Goodson a native of the US has decided to pursue a part of his comedy career in the UAE. He is a talented professional in his area of expertise and has performed not only in the US as part of “Comedy’s best kept secret tour” but has also gone on to win awards in his performances in Dubai one of which was the “Dubai comedy festival’s: Beat the Gong”.

Currently Goodson is looking to crowd fund a campaign on a comedy film he is working to produce which aims to explore his story upon moving to the UAE. Sounds like a serious movie? Well, not quite. A comedian is best known for telling even the most challenging life decisions of your life in way which almost everyone can relate to and have a good little laugh over. Goodson wants to share his perspective on one of the bigger decisions he has made in his life with a humorous take on it. Why should you fund his campaign? Well its simple. He is an established comedian, surely talented and has a repertoire around the comedy industry. He is looking to build an image in the UAE and to an extent has already done so as he is signed with “Yalla Laughs”. But for every talented individual one step towards achieving your goal doesn’t stop you from pursuing the next one. This is why Goodson is looking to produce a film which explores a different take of life from the perspective of the thing he knows how best to do: Comedy.

ZingoHub is proud to be the platform Goodson has chosen to fund his campaign through. We are always looking to be the foundation upon which talented individuals such as Goodson and the likes of can pursue their future aims and goals. Be a part of his campaign because we surely believe in him. His campaign in ongoing and goes with the name of “Emirati Fresh”. Be sure to check him out.

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